This year's Retreat from October 27th to November 3rd, 2017

Healing for the...

The Untamed Change Retreat



An Exquisite Experience of Transformation and Expansion


Uoleva, Kingdom of Tonga, South Pacific

If you are a wonderful, wild woman within...

About Mari

 That Transforms and Lifts the Spirit —  

  Fast, Effective, Long-Lasting

    Beyond Talk Therapy is...

  Integrative Biofield Psychology

I am Mari Schurian (MA, MNLP, HBLU), a Biofield Psychology (mind-body-spirit) practitioner who focuses on holistic mental health programs for individuals, groups, and communities.


I am interested in positive, progressive change in myself, others and the world.
I show motivated, success-minded individuals who are struggling with anxiety, irrational fears (such as phobias), traumas and incapacitating thoughts and emotions how to overcome their struggles and be focused, clear, calm and back on track with their lives. 


These high-energy, goal-focused sessions are designed to introduce and employ a collaborative holistic approach to problem-solving.


The sessions focus on your priority needs, using a combination of traditional therapeutic processes and mind-body-spirit methods and techniques.

This approach is suitable for individuals who want more than talk therapy and are interested in change, success and progression.

I offer individual sessions in person, by phone or Skype. 

I conduct Mind-Body-Spirit workshops and HBLU trainings. I also lead Destination Adventure Retreats nationally and internationally.

I am available for speaking presentations to groups, organizations and educational institutes.





When you are ready for a positive change...

Contact Me:

Phone: 1 310 961 8867


Facebook: Heal your core at the soul level

My website is under construction at the moment. 


Sorry for the inconvenience.

                                The Core is the Cure

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