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An Integrative Approach to Urgent Emotional Care.

Resolutions for Anxiety and Traumas with Mari Schurian. 


Healing Core Issues for the Spirit, the Soul, the Mind, and the Body. 


My purpose is to refresh you in spirit, stimulate your mind, and invigorate your body.


I am Mari Schurian, MA, an Energy Psychology practitioner who focuses on integrative mental health programs for individuals, groups, and communities. 

My sessions are high-energy and goal-focused, designed to introduce and employ a modern-day, holistic approach to problem-solving. 

This collaborative approach is current and serves motivated, intentional individuals who want talk therapy, but more than Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and who are interested in positive change, success, and progression. 

I come from the perspective that when a person is not on track with their life, or if they are not getting the desired results in some area of their life, then there must be some type of interference pattern that is causing a misalignment at some level of their being. For this reason, I incorporate Energy Psychology methods and techniques in my talk therapy sessions. 

I specialize in positive change resolutions for people who are struggling with:

  • An emotional and/or mental crisis 

  • Anxiety -- from mild symptoms to debilitating phobic reactions (including existential phobias such as social anxiety or procrastination)

  • Incapacitating, intrusive thoughts and emotions 

  • Simple traumas 

  • Complex, multi-layered traumas 

  • Children with behavioral difficulties -- in these cases my focus is on helping, strengthening, and supporting the parents while collaborating with a behavioral and autism child specialist. 

  • Bi-cultural and/or multi-cultural difficulties and adaption

  • Victims of psychopaths and sociopaths 

By following a structured, well-research Energy Psychology methodology and applying appropriate Energy Psychology techniques, resolution can be effective, rapid, and lasting. 

Generally, results include:

  • a rapid drop in anxiety 

  • a calmer emotional state overall

  • a clearer mind 

  • the ability to view a problem from a different and a more positive solution-oriented perspective 

  • no to very little negative emotional charge on previous traumatic memories 

  • solutions coming to mind that were previously hidden 

  • greater functionality 

  • feeling more motivated, lighter, and energized 

The clearer, calmer, and more focused the mind, the sooner you will be back on track with your life. 

What is Energy Psychology? 

In short, Energy psychology (EP) is the application of mind-body approaches to treat psychological and emotional problems, facilitate health and wellbeing and improve human performance. Treatment results have been shown to be enduring and relatively rapid.

"The techniques of EP have provided me with invaluable tools for working with trauma. No therapist can afford to remain ignorant of this new and exciting field."

- Nathaniel Branden, PhD - 

Author, The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem 

So why choose The Core?

Core in Latin is cor, which means heart. Core = heart = love. The heart is the cure. Love is the cure. Therefore, the core is the cure. 

Love resides in the heart and all healing power comes from the heart. This is where we unlock the Qi, the healing power, to help and heal ourselves and others. 

", hope and love. But the greatest of these is love." 1 Cor. 13:13

So why choose The Core? 

Because love is the cure and you will feel it. I work with a love that is bigger than me. A love that works through me to you. 



Virtual and in-person. 

Serving people globally. 

These sessions focus on your priority needs, using a combination of traditional therapeutic processes in combination with mind-body-spirit methods and techniques. 


Mind-Body-Spirit workshops for organizations and corporations.


I offer HBLU™ (Healing from the Body level Up) trainings as well as trainings in my own method UEC © (Urgent Emotional Care).


I lead Destination Adventure Retreats nationally and internationally.

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"I have learned so much from you. You are one of the few people that I know that sees the whole picture. I want to know what you know."

- Dr. Walden Miller, Neuropsychologist - 

"I have had years of traditional therapy and it was helpful but I feel this work with Mari is taking me to a whole different level.  I like that my body communicates to her what is going on.  That feels real!  


Mari is the “real deal."  She is so loving and present.  She listens to every detail with such attention and thoughtfulness.  She never judges and is so accepting.  She cradles you with her love and support!"

- Janice Monypeny - 

Director, Osher Lifelong Learning Institute 

California State University San Marcos 



"Mare's experience with multiple psychological and spiritual modalities inspires confidence that one is in the hands of a true professional. Her knowledge of NLP is extensive, as is her ability to tune-in and 'feel' what is going on with her clients.

She works on a deep soul level to touch the core issues that are creating waves on the surface of ones' life.  All of this comes in a package of delightful South African practicality, beauty and joy."


- Ruth Angela - 

"Since I have been working with you, not only do I, but my friends can see the difference in me and how calm I am. My anxiety level is way down. I am calm and collected when there are even huge changes in my life. I had to move my business recently after 25 years and although I went through a level of anxiety, which is normal, a friend noticed that I did not even once mentioned the scarcity of money or panicked or even worried about it. I walked into my abundance with confidence."

- Michelle - 

Beyond talk therapy is

Applied Energy Psychology.

Allow yourself the beautiful gift to heal yourself of past wounds and take that healing energy to serve yourself and others. 


Phone: +1 (310) 961-8867


Your First Steps of Action: 

1.  Call me with any questions at (310) 961-8867. 

2. Read and sign the four legal forms and then send them to my email at 

3. Answer the autobiography questionnaire at your earliest convenience and email it to me at

4. Make an appointment via text or phone call using the number above. 

5. Download WhatsApp (it's free!) and we will video call through that for the session. We can also use Skype if you prefer. 

6. Pick a payment option and pay via PayPal or Venmo to secure your appointment. In-person clients can pay at the office (cash or checks are also accepted). 

7. Have water and a pen and paper ready for the session. 

8. Inform yourself about me and my work by reading as much as you desire on this website.

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