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Rendezvous with your Soul Retreat  

This 2 day retreat followed a hugely successful Mind Body Spirit series at the Osher Institute and students felt a need to integrate the work with a Soul filled Retreat. It all worked together with the theme of creative and gentle release. The retreat was free flowing in its structure.


 We started with a guided loving connection meditation and the resistance and trigger bucket.

That was followed with a connection circle and prayer. This set the mood and safety level for the weekend.


 Demonstrations and the practice of different Biofield (Energy) Psychology techniques took place in order to facilitate releases on the mind, body, and soul levels.

We covered “Art of Consciousness” with an art therapy class. Students were amazed by the images that showed up!


 The importance of good nutrition was discussed and everybody enjoyed all the hearty and healthy meals and truly experienced the truth of the Chinese philosophies that "you are what you eat” and “food is medicine, medicine is food”.


 English afternoon tea, with homemade scones!, set the mood for the late afternoon while everyone enjoyed a class on the importance and health aspects of the tea ceremony in different cultures.


 Everybody had enough free time to walk the labyrinth or find a peaceful place to sit down and journal and enjoy the abundance of nature in this beautiful setting.

 We ended the day with a sunset celebration and dancing meditation.

 Two of the students wanted to share their gratefulness for the life transforming breakthroughs and transformations they experienced during the MBS series. It was a wonderful surprise to be treated with facials after dinner.

 Two days later, everyone left refreshed and inspired and ready for life again. 


Mastermind Breakthrough Retreat  

The Mastermind Retreat was an outflow of a Mastermind group of professional healthcare and film industry professionals in the LA area. The focus of this two day Retreat was on personal  breakthroughs and growth in our respective careers.  


A Breakthrough retreat, like a breakthrough session, has an immediate and large impact on the participants.​

I led the like-minded, driven and ambitious individuals in our Mastermind group in this Retreat. Our goal was to remove resistant inner obstacles that stood in our way to achieve our goals. This was done in a close group dynamic through goal setting, discussions, guided meditations, Biofield (Energy) Psychology release techniques, cooking and meditative, labyrinth and timeline walks.

​We released negative emotions, limiting beliefs, and limiting decisions on a deeper subconscious level with a variation of powerful Energy Psychology techniques.  Afterwards we could easily observe, accept and receive our new awarenesses. New possibilities and choices became immediately prevalent as our personal values changed and became more congruent with our goals.

Inner conflicts that held us back before and contributed to our procrastination were eliminated. 

When your subconscious beliefs and emotions are congruent with your conscious goals, the road ahead is smoother.​

We observed the positive change and growth in each other during our continual monthly Mastermind Group meetings and enjoyed the fast progression in our individual practices.


What others say about the retreats:


It has been an honor and a privilege to work with you on our recent retreat: Rendezvous with your Soul. You made a perfect "headliner"! You are such a gifted teacher and presenter.  Your presence is strong and confidant without being arrogant.  You have such a wealth of knowledge and tools that you draw upon and you blend it with your refreshing humanity!  We found ourselves "hanging on every word" and begging for more. The fact that you consider your work sacred, and take it very seriously, gives us all a sense of security and we know we are in very good and kind hands!  There is no doubt in my mind that you "heal with your heart" and come from the upmost integrity and sincerity.

I look forward to working closely with you (into eternity!!).

- Janice Monypeny, Director - 

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute

California State University San Marcos



I so enjoyed the retreat. To repeat - you are a wonderful teacher.

- Drude - 



Before I will go into it, I want to let you know that the Mastermind Retreat profoundly affected my ability to meditate and recognize energy shifts. I have been meditating daily since the retreat and am able to enter a state of deep meditation quickly, and go through the chakras, cleansing and balancing them.

  -  Dr. H. Papikian (Clinical Psychologist) -



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