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A Wild Experience





The Untamed Change Retreat

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On the island of Uoleva, in the Kingdom of Tonga, in the South Pacific

If you are a wonderful, wild woman within who is ready to change and get insanely inspired to re-design YOU and reconnect with your untamed self, expand your adventurous spirit, AND wants to travel the world - then join me, Mari Schurian, for an outrageously amazing life-changing retreat adventure.

Step into your valued true self and experience the difference.

October 27th to November 3rd, 2017       

The sun is setting in colorful abundance behind the waving palm trees. You feel the silky soft white sand of the South Pacific Island beach between your toes as you walk back to your Island Style home for the next week. The brilliant turquoise water beckons you for a sunset swim.


You decide to turn and walk through the waving palm trees to Serenity Beaches' open-air gathering place of peace.

You are greeted by aromatic smells from the kitchen, the gentle touch of the sea breeze on your skin, soft candle lights, a freshly cut coconut, and welcoming "hellos" from your amazing fellow adventure-loving friends. 

(It's easy to feel that you are in a Paul Gauguin painting)

Ah... the exoticness of a South Pacific Island
Serenity Beaches on Uoleva, Tonga, is the PERFECT place to spend 6 enchanting days (and 7 nights)…

(Do you want to live in this picture? You are going to...)

Expanding, and transforming your inner wild child ... learning how to make that a reality in your life ... living your life to the fullest ... joyfully ... with renewed confidence and clarity.


Imagine bringing the decisions you've made to limit yourself, your fears of change and lack of progression and FINALLY getting over it. Changing it!


Perhaps you have been feeling…

A need to change, but don’t know how

No, worries, we'll sort that out!

You have lost your center, your soul core

Happy to show you how to get to that core!

You live as a short leash woman, but feel like a no leash woman

We will step into it together

You want to step into your untamed, wonderful self

Easier than you think, you are already here!

You want to break through your boundaries and expand to Exotic, Untamed, Adventurous you

We will do it with a step by step blueprint

You believe you lack the "how to"

You will learn, experience, and apply well researched

Mind-Body-Spirit techniques and skills

You want to be the change you seek

It's possible!

So why should you join me on the other side of the world?

You will BENEFIT tremendously from this retreat, especially when you:

  • Are ready to see what lies beyond your surface. (You will only be pleasantly surprised!!)

  • Want to experience peace, focus, and expansion in the midst of a big change or transition in your life, such as a relationship, career or health change.

  • Want to embrace new and positive change, such as getting married, with gusto and take it to the next awesome level!

  • Want to change into a new, more expansive and daring you 

  • Want to organically rediscover and experience your true, courageous self, with your feet in the sand in a natural, supportive environment.

  • Are eager to feel and be the extraordinary Untamed and exotic you

  • Want to travel independently to a new, extraordinary place, a place you never even knew existed

  • Want to learn, experience and apply cutting-edge mind-body-spirit Biofield Psychology methods and techniques in an exotic setting on a remote island


Because you are an Untamed storm-dancing woman who wants to unleash yourself to the next level.

The Delights…

This island hideaway is a place where you can slip out of your shoes and into a bathing suit or sarong and leave cars and television behind.


  • Unplug! Relax! On the pristine white sand beach on your doorstep

  • Read that book you never had time for - in a hammock, under palm trees, on the beach.

  • Walk the 6 miles (along the white sandy beach) around the island to experience the total deserted island feel.

  • Slip into the crystal clear water and snorkel among colorful coral reefs teeming with life

  • Kayak to a distant shore

  • Hike to see ancient stone mounds

  • Explore the low sandy islands on the other side of the island

  • Celebrate the end of the day with a sundowner (a drink of your choice during sunset to celebrate your day)

  • Enjoy evening campfires and stargazing nights

  • Meditate in untamed nature and under bright stars

  • Eat by candlelight - every night

  • Sleep well

  • It will be at the end of the whale season, but perhaps we are lucky and can go swim with the whales in the wild.

One thing is for sure - You will come back changed!

So what can YOU EXPECT if you spend time with me on the other side of the world?


  • Joyfully and courageously expand yourself
    on an exquisite, outlandish adventure in the South Pacific. 

  • Want to change and get insanely inspired to re-design YOU.

  • Be ready to see what lies beyond your surface.  (You will only be pleasantly surprised!!)

  • Explore new and exciting thought-maps.

  • Love connecting, interacting and feeling on a deep and substantial level with other Untamed souls.

  • Have fun learning and practicing groundbreaking, scientifically proven, success mind-body-spirit techniques.

  • Enjoy a daily variation of different body-mind-spirit exercises.

  • Relax daily with a wide variety of knock-your-sandals-off guided meditations.

  • Make your life richer, more vivid and more conscious.

If you are tired of the same old, same old and long to break free and embrace your Untamed Changed self, you will...

Would THAT be worth going to Tonga?

I sure think so! 

This is the IDEAL journey and environment to explore your wonderful wild self.

Just the journey to Tonga alone is life changing and expanding!


When you arrive there, you are already expanded. You will be ready and enthused to change, grow and expand to the next level at Serenity Beaches!


                                                  Be outrageous and dare change!

Bring your "I want to change… " list and progress to make your "I have achieved..." list

                                                in the most inspiring surroundings.

This is what you can expect from your week:
(It is subject to change, because everything is fluid, especially when we work with change!)

Mari, should I come to this retreat?
The answer is YES, if you are…

  • Sooo ready to change into a different expanded you


  • Ready to meet and unleash your Untamed self


  • Curious and excited to discover just how big your outrageous, courageous spirit is


  • Hungry to Learn and Experience groundbreaking,
    next generation mind-body-spirit-energy techniques


  • Excited to incorporate these new tools and skills in your life to enhance continued change, transformation, and expansion


  • Sooo ready for adventure travel and to connect with other Untamed Spirited Souls


Here is a miraculous and inspiring healing story: 

YES!! This RETREAT is PERFECT for you!

Let's summarize what you will GAIN from this retreat...
  • You will walk away with the Untamed Change Blueprint which includes a step-by-step method, five mind-body techniques, and two deep-diving questions to get to the core of any issue.

    This is presented in such a way that you will have the know-how you need to move easily into any change of your choice. Goodbye procrastination! (Yes, you will have this in print in a binder so you can always access it!)

  • You will feel empowered as you discover and practice how to access the wisdom of your soul and body simultaneously.
    (Flawless, deception-proof muscle testing)


  • You will start each day with two short, invigorating and addictive body-mind-energy routines.
     (It will become your new must go to morning routine!)


  • You will participate in a variety of specialized interactive and experiential exercises daily. I count at least five.  
    (Never a dull moment!)


  • You will enjoy 12 different, mind-blowing, knock your flip-flops-off meditations in a week! (Talk about Untamed expansion!)

  • Let's not forget your extraordinary home for the next week! A semi-private, remote island in the South Pacific.

  • Twenty fabulous meals, including a Tongan feast. (Yum!)

  • Transport from the airport to Serenity Beaches and back. (Don’t forget the adventurous boat ride to the island!)

  • Friends for a lifetime.

But most of all:

  • You will gain the peace, clarity, focus, insight, skills, and confidence you need to embrace the Untamed You and your Untamed Possibilities.

  • You will say goodbye to fear, shame and insecure, "impossible" you and say hello to a courageous, untamed "I am possible" you!


You will leave Untamed!

The Bonuses!

(We can't forget them!)

I know that there can be a lot of uncertainties and questions before a trip, so I include:

  • Starting in July, bi-monthly LIVE (in person and/or zoom) group travel coaching classes so you have the support you need before the retreat. (We will get you travel ready)

  • Unlimited private Q&A phone calls or texts before the trip (to answer all your questions)

  • 10% discount for private sessions with me to address any fears (phobias) of flying, traveling, leaving the country, etc. (No reason why your fears should hold you back!)

  • 10% discount for private sessions during the trip (I have your back when you need it)

  • Two post-trip gatherings to answer any questions and to continue the deep connections we formed during the trip

  • Private Facebook membership for continual support and sharing. (We want to hear about more about your expansion and traveling!)

  • AND… a copy of my book Untamed: Memoirs of a gypsy soul.

Planning Your Trip...

I am so ready for change!

Sign me up!

Your Investment:

To reserve your spot for the Retreat, please register and make a $500.00 U.S. deposit by check / PayPal / Visa/ MasterCard.

Check payable to: Mari Schurian.


                                                                                                        OR BUY



$2,860 USD Single occupancy
(Airfares excluded)



$2,360 USD Double occupancy

(Airfares excluded)



Book your space on this one of a kind adventurous destination retreat - now!



Full payment is due on the last day of registration - September 13th, 2017!



Spaces are limited to just 10 guests.

Minimum guest participation = 4 guests. 

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To Join Me Here In Paradise, take these steps:

  • Read this web page and make yourself familiar with all the aspects of the retreat

  • Call me (let's talk) and ask questions to get clarity

  • Read the cancellation policy

  • Choose your room type

  • Register with your non-refundable deposit of $500 USD to secure your place.

  • Read, fill in and sign the Release form on every appropriate page, take a photo/make a copy/scan of each signed page and email or text it to me. 

  • When the minimum person quota (4) is met, the retreat will be confirmed.
    The latest date of confirmation is 09/13/17.

  • The balance is due in full September 13th, 2017
    I reserve the right to cancel the retreat if it is not meeting the trip minimum of 4 participants. If I do so your deposit is refunded in full.

  • Buy your flight tickets and travel insurance after.




PHONE: 1 310 961 8867  



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A Short Reminder of What's Included:

  • Bi-monthly group travel coaching classes before the trip. Starting in July 2017.

  • Unlimited private Q & A phone calls or texts before the trip.

  • 10% discount for private sessions before the trip to address any fears (phobias) of flying, leaving the country, etc.

  • 10% discount for private sessions during the trip

  • The Untamed Change program with all the mind-body techniques, exercises, and meditations.

  • Seven nights at a top notch, secluded, private South Pacific island resort.

  • Seven Breakfasts, Six Lunches, and Six Dinners.

  • A traditional Tongan feast.

  • Endless coral reef snorkeling.

  • Transport from the airport in Ha'apai to Serenity Beaches Resort on October 27th and back to the airport on November 3rd. (It includes a 45-minute boat ride)

  • Two after-trip gatherings to answer any questions and to continue the deep connections we formed during the trip.

  • Private Facebook membership for continual support and sharing. 

  • AND… a copy of my book Untamed: Memoirs of a gypsy soul

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