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The Cuisine…

Ota ika - Fresh, raw seafood marinated in freshly made coconut milk... Addictive!!

Make no mistake! Food at Serenity Beaches is made with love and care.


They strive to produce healthy meals that energize and inspire with a South Pacific flair.

When I asked Patti once what it was that makes the food so extra amazing, she replied with a nonchalant: " O, the cooks pray over the food while they make it". Speak about Soul Food!

The Soul Food is prepared mostly from fresh, unprocessed, local ingredients, bought from local farmers and fisherman.

The menu changes daily depending on what the local farmers and fishermen have to offer.

They can accommodate vegetarians.

You may wonder where do they get their water from? They collect fresh, pure water from rain and a well Pattie and her crew dug themselves.

Don’t forget about your daily dose of fresh coconuts! Handpicked especially for you.

Living off the grid feels good!

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