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“The grief that fell just yesterday has taught the soul to listen” 

- Katherine Lee Bates - 

In addition to Energy Psychology healing services, I also offer workshops. All can be customized according to the needs of your group, organization or workplace.


Here are some samples of what I have offered so far:

Healing Art Mandala Workshops

Mandala means sacred circle in Sanskrit. Making a circle always brings order to things; order creates patterns that the mind grasps and understands. In a fun, creative way you will become more focused, relaxed, and clear -- and therefore inspired to transform whatever blocks and resistance you need to work through. The process itself creates great breakthroughs.

Loss and Violence Trauma Workshops

This workshop is especially beneficial for those in the mental health fields. You will learn:

  • About the first imprint of trauma in the body and psychic

  • How to release the shock impact of trauma, so you or your client can proceed with the healing with ease

  • How to safely help yourself and others overcome trauma within a structured framework. (Take the guessing game out of the picture.)

  • How to muscle test yourself and others to tune into your deepest wisdom while working through the multi-layers of these trauma structures. 

  • At least 5 Energy Psychology techniques to incorporate into the Trauma Blueprint Method. 

Diagnosis Shock Workshop

If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with a serious illness such as cancer, multiple sclerosis, or a mental disorder such as autism, etc., it is a good idea to heal the part of you that "shocked out" when it heard the news.
The initial shock can keep one frozen, overwhelmed and when in such a state it is hard to make educated decisions and can even disrupt doctor-client and family relationships.

Clearing Diagnosis shock enables patients and their support team to stay focused when doctors are talking about treatment options. They will be able to make clearer treatment decisions and stay on top of their plan for healing rather than delaying, denying or procrastinating.


It helps heal the sense of loss that accompanies a serious diagnosis, and is also successfully used with job loss, life transitions, relocation, etc.

Apart from giving workshops on this topic, I offer private sessions for diagnosed patients and their support system.

Tap Yourself from Fear to Victory Workshop

  • Learn how to use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to ease your fears and manage your stress levels.

  • Unwind and be calm in the middle of the storms of life.

  • Move beyond fear into courage and joy.

Increase Your Income Bracket with Inner Exploration, Visualization, and EFT

Have you ever wanted to increase your income, but it never seems to get to where you want it to be?

  • Come and explore your "out of sight" Negative Income Self-Representation

  • Discover what you really believe your income bracket should be

  • Learn this well-researched Energy Psychology technique

  • Transform your negative self-representation and negative subconscious beliefs to positives, so your beliefs can align with your wants. (Powerful!!)

  • When they are in harmony, there is less resistance and inner-outer conflict and you can move forward towards your desires more easily. 

Forgiveness Workshop

With a gentle Hawaiian healing technique, you will experience the power of forgiveness. Forgiveness is a process -- start to move forward with your life without hatred and resentment. 

A Christian in the Energy Psychology/Healing Field

Biblical references will be discussed to why it is not a sin to practice Energy Psychology. It is not magic; it is biology and physics.


We will explore how working with God and using His instruments and tools, including using yourself, can deepen your relationship with God and bring you in alignment with His will for Your life.  


Live in joy and gratitude with greater ease. Count those blessings, because a positive attitude is a positive life. 

Grade Improvement Workshops

Do you want to go to school with ease and joy and achieve your goals?


Do you want your child to be able to enjoy school and achieve great goals, and take the stress off both of you?

Come and learn three easy tools so you can easily remove:

  • Learning anxiety

  • Subject anxiety

  • Test anxiety 

  • New school anxiety 

What Others Say

"Mari Schurian is a compelling speaker and teacher. Personal growth and healing are the substance of her work and she brings students, clients and an audience to new levels of clarity and understanding.


I enjoyed your workshop and appreciated very much your efforts for everyone.  You attracted a lot of positive energy."

- Barbara Pieper - 

"I have learned so much from you. You know so much. You are one of the few people that I know that sees the whole picture. I want to know what you know."

- Dr. Walden Miller, neurospychologist -

It was a delight to host and participate in Maré Schurian's Healing Art Mandala Workshop. Her knowledge and enthusiasm for the subject is contagious. She skillfully guides you into working with your mandalas. And she gracefully supports you as you uncover personal meanings in your intuitive choices of colors.


 The workshop also provided a relaxed environment for us to get to know each other better. We came away with increased self-awareness of our spiritual journeys.  An enjoyable and creative experience. I highly recommend it.

- Rev. Dr. Jonathan Mitchell -

Wayfarers Chapel Los Angeles

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