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Mari Schurian, MA, HBLU™ 4, NLPMP

Charlotte, NC, 28025

(310) 961-8867


Please read and sign the first four forms before your first session.

If it is an in-person session, you can complete the forms at the office. 

You may prefer to sign the document electronically and below are methods of doing so. In the instance you chose not to use an electronic signature or are not able to do so, kindly print out the forms, sign where appropriate before scanning them and emailing them back.


The return email address is:


To fill out the following forms electronically: 

1. Click acrobat icon 

2. Download or open the form in acrobat 

3. Fill in the form 

4. Save the form

5. Attach the PDF form to

6. Send


It is recommended that you send a brief autobiography before we start our sessions together. This will help me to gather insight before we even meet, and it will also save time ( the 2-3 "get to know you" sessions).

Writing is a different process than speaking and you will be surprised how you start to open up on a different level. The questions are also designed and arranged in such a way that it opens you up to receive the healings with greater ease.

(If you choose not to do this, it is perfectly fine.) 


If you don’t feel comfortable with a question, feel free not to answer it. 

If there is only one question you want to answer - let it be #7. 


Focus on your first goal for the first session. We will refine it together and test it for accuracy.  

When completed,  send the information to my email together with your legal forms (a total of 4) OR bring it to your first appointment for discussion.

Thank you!

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