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Mari Schurian, MA, HBLU4TM, NLPMP

Bixby Knolls,

Long Beach, CA, 90807

(310) 961 8867




You have taken a big step by committing to improve your life. 


By training, I am an Integrative Biofield Psychologist.  As an Integrative Biofield Psychologist, I hold a Master Degree in Psychology from the University of South Africa and a BASW.Hon. Degree from the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa.

I am a US certified Master Practitioner of Time Empowerment Technique, NLP, and Hypnotherapy.  I am a certified AIT practitioner. I am trained and educated in the HBLUTM methodology through the post graduate level and is currently a trainer. I am further trained in numerous Energy Psychology methods and techniques.


Integrative Biofield Psychology assumes that a person needs to be understood from a holistic perspective—so your body, mind, and spirit will all be addressed.  My work is different from consulting or therapy in that I do not diagnose mental illness, solve mental health issues, or provide directives.  Instead, I assume that you are the expert on your life — that you have the answers and the capabilities.  My skill is in eliciting, utilizing and teaching you mind- body techniques that allow you to feel well and achieve your goals. I will ask direct questions that relate to what is going on with you.  I will ask you to take action when you have chosen an objective, and I will hold you accountable for the actions that you choose to commit to.  We will work as a team to create an alliance that will help you stay focused and move forward toward your chosen goals.


I ask only that you bring yourself to each meeting exactly as you are because your commitment and collaboration is necessary for a successful outcome. You may be excited, confused, frustrated, proud of yourself or your actions, angry, delighted, fearful or any of thousands of other states of mind.  Integrative psychology and energy work are all about you – about how you as a whole system operate.  By looking at yourself honestly and without judgment, we can explore how your thoughts and actions serve you or limit you.  You can create more choices for yourself and enrich your life.


During our intake appointment, we will design a relationship to best meet your needs.  We will use an assessment to take a snap shot of how you feel about several areas of your life and this moment.  We will discuss your personal resources and the objectives you want to set for our time together.  We will discuss the values that define who you are.  You will also be introduced to the field of Biofield Psychology.


Once again, welcome!  I am confident that we can design a powerful relationship that will provide the structure and support to keep you moving forward.  I admire your commitment to yourself and the future that you dream of.


I am looking forward to working with you!




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