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Concord, Charlotte, North Carolina 28025 USA

Phone: +1 (310) 961-8867



Mari Schurian




To communicate my unique knowledge of Energy Psychology through teaching, lecturing, and direct therapy.


Current Employment

 2005 to Present: Self- employed Energy Psychology Practitioner with an office in North Carolina, USA.

                                 International Clientele via Skype or Whatsapp. 


Previous Employments


A BA Social Work Honors graduate who has gained experience in 4 career paths:  social work, business/entrepreneurial activities, Energy Psychology, and teaching.

My experience within the area of social work mostly had to do with:

  • Working with people with physical challenges

  • The elderly

  • Children

  • Marriage and family therapy

  • Upliftment and development of deprived communities

My experience within the Energy Psychology field has to do with:

  • Simple and Complex Trauma

  • Religious Trauma

  • Diagnostic Shock Trauma

  • Existential phobias, such as phobias of change

  • Addressing further challenges with change and transitions

  • Phobias

  • Depression

  • Marital/relationship issues

  • Assisting parents of children with behavioral issues 

  • Individuals or groups with bi-cultural or multi-cultural problems 

My experience within the business/entrepreneurial field had to do with:

  • Import/export

  • Community upliftment

  • Counseling and mentoring

  • Project and product development

  • Project co-ordination

My experience within the teaching field had to do with:

  • Teaching English as a foreign language at all school levels – from kindergarten to high school

  • Teaching English as a foreign language in companies to business men and women

  • Building a curriculum for kindergarten teaching as well as teaching at a business level

  • Teaching at university level at final year to fellow students

  • Teaching Energy Psychology (HBLU™ 1)

  • Teaching Mind Body Spirit Classes

  • Teaching cultural awareness classes – focusing on different countries

  • Giving workshops

  • Conducting retreats


In all my work experiences, I proved my ability to be a responsible leader/project coordinator with initiative and self–motivation. I am able to work independently and within a group environment. 

During my involvement in the business sphere as well as community development, I have proved myself to plan, co-ordinate and arrange large-scale events and exhibitions nationally and internationally. I also have experience in marketing, fundraising, HR management, administrative and budgeting controls.

During all my work experience my skills in the following areas were and are enhanced:

  • Interpersonal skills such as communication, liaison, assertiveness, and negotiation skills.

  • Assessment skills, such as diagnostic/analytical evaluation, problem identification, needs analysis, development of strategic plans and the implementation thereof.

  • Conveying information through teaching.



Personal Details


FULL NAME                                : Maré Schurian

DATE OF BIRTH                          : 10/17/64

NATIONALITY                             : South African

MARITAL STATUS                       : Married

HOME LANGUAGE                    : Afrikaans

OTHER LANGUAGES                 : English and German

HOBBIES AND INTERESTS       : Exploring the field of Energy/Biofield Psychology; Travel;
                                                        Exploring indigenous cultures; Collecting indigenous art and craft; especially ancient embroideries and

                                                       fabrics; Cooking, Reading; Theatre, Dance.



  University of Stellenbosch, South Africa 

                      BA HONORS – SOCIAL WORK. 
                      Major subjects: Social work with casework, group work, community work, 
                      research, administration and class presentations. Sociology and Psychology 3


  - TEFL Certification, South Africa. 
  - Life Skills Courses at the Department of Labor in South Africa.

2004 – 2011 & Ongoing: 
  Education and Training in Energy/Biofield Psychology, USA :  
                                                                  - HBLU™ 4 
                                                                  - HBLU™ trainer
                                                                  - Enneagram Personality structures
                                                                  - Advanced Integrative Psychology
                                                                  - Master Training in NLP, Hypnosis and TLT (Time Line Therapy)                                                                                     - Applied Kinesiology                                                      
                                                                  - EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
                                                                  - DNA interference patterns
                                                                  - Masters and Advanced Rapid Healing 
                                                                  - Holographic Healing,
                                                                  - Chakra and Theta healing  

 I have trained in and researched numerous (over 100) Energy Psychology Techniques.

 See my website ( for details of modalities.

Training in Intercultural Trading Skills, Intercultural Career Planning and Multicultural Team Development, Germany.

2011- 2014:
University of South Africa, South Africa
Addressing difficulties with change, transition, and progression in life: HBLU™ as an effective treatment for phobias. 


Work Experience


1983 – 1986: Practical Experience During Studies

  • Assessment of family systems in order to establish problem areas as well as the functioning of the individual in the system

  • Alcohol and drug abuse

  • Communication problems

  • Parental guidance

  • Financial management

  • Statutory action in the case of alcohol abuse and family violence

  • Marriage and family therapy


1987: Steinthal Children’s Homes in Tulbagh, South Africa

  • Psychotherapy with problem teenagers and physical and sexual abuse children

  • Group therapy: sexual awareness with teenagers, reassessing into society, improving communication skills


1991 – 1993: Karl Reeber Heim and Bonhoeffer Altenheim, Germany

  • Nursing aid for multiple sclerosis patients as well as the elderly in respective facilities

  • Assessment of resources available to patients


1994 – 1996 (middle): Upliftment and Development of Deprived Communities, South Africa


  • Act as an authorized counselor in terms of the small business mentor advisory program, by
    - Facilitating existing resources and creating new resources through skills training and job creation;
    - Starting community projects (some still in existence);

       (The projects were designed to assist the historically disadvantaged crafters and artists to market their goods to
         the public and in doing so, becoming independent traders.)

    - Attending to administration duties;
    - Assisting with the promotion and exportation of crafters’ products.


  • Two international achievements were:
    - The South African arts and crafts exhibition at Central Station, NY, USA
    - The Life and Sales exhibition in Bern, Switzerland


2000: Volunteer Work, South Africa

  • Shadowing and assisting social workers in group sessions with destitute and battered women

  • Assist with better marketing strategies for sponsorships 




1989 – 1991: Self–employed (buyer/sales), Germany.

  • Traveled extensively to Central America and Thailand to source and buy crafts, textiles, and clothing for export to Germany.

1996 (middle) – 1999: Sales and marketing, sourcing and importing in the South African Fashion Industry


2000 – 2002: Hess English School, Taiwan

  • English teacher at Hess language school (American based). High school level.

  • English teacher in 2 different kindergartens.

  • English teacher at business level at corporations

  • Constructing curriculums at kindergarten and corporate level


2008 – 2011: Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, California State University, San Marcos, USA

  • Create and Teach Mind-Body-Spirit classes

  • Teach EFT

  • Create and Teach Cultural Awareness classes

  • Conduct retreats


2010: Guest speaker at Alliant International University, San Diego, USA

  • Introduced two Energy Psychology Methods: HBLU™ and AIT to the Clinical Psychology department.




2019-current: Serving clients globally from Concord, NC, 28025, USA. 

2005 (middle) – 2018:  Two Energy Psychology Practices in Los Angeles, USA. (Redondo Beach and Studio
                                               City), one practice in Carlsbad from middle 2007 and one practice in Long Beach since


  • Individual Energy/Biofield Psychology healing sessions. Working with a wide range of problems.
    I specialize in traumas and phobias and Urgent Emotional Care.

  • Skype or Whatsapp sessions with long distance clients, nationally and internationally

  • HBLU™ 1 training

  • UEC Training 

  • A wide variety of mind-body-spirit workshops, including EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) chakra healing.

  • Mind-Body-Spirit Destination Retreats


  Please see website for more details ( )





1988: Labor and work coordinator on Moshav Sde Nitzan, Israel.

1990: Chef for the ambassador of Luxemburg, England.


I am currently authoring my first book: Untamed: Memoirs of a Gypsy Soul.  

I hope to encourage independence and empowerment through independent world travel.


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