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“Grain must be ground to make bread.” 

-  Isaiah 28:28 -

The following is a list of items requested before your first healing session.


Please do your best to have all of the following items completed prior to your first session.


For in person clients: The forms and even the Autobiography can be completed at the time of your first session, but this will consume much of your session time.

For virtual clients: All forms and payments must be received before the first session. 


What to do:


  • Read The Soul Core Process to understand what’s involved before, during and after the sessions.

  • Fill out the Autobiography Request 

  • Read and Sign the Payment Policy.

  • Read and Sign the 4 Legal forms.

  • Decide on Payment – cash, check, credit card,  or PayPal.

  • Make an Appointment

If you have any questions, please contact Mari Schurian at +1 (310) 961-8867

OR at 

Mari Schurian, MA, HBLU™ 4, NLPMP

Charlotte, NC, 28025

(310) 961-8867

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