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Private Healing Session Testimonials

"Mare's experience with  multiple psychological  and spiritual modalities inspires confidence that one is in the hands of a true professional.  Her knowledge of NLP is extensive, as is her ability to tune-in and "feel" what is going on with her clients. She works on a deep soul level to touch the core issues that are creating waves on the surface of ones' life.  All of this comes in a package of delightful South African practicality, beauty and joy."

- Ruth Angela -

"Mari saw my healing gifts from the moment she saw me and without hesitation encouraged me to believe in myself. Her faith in me made me believe in myself again. I went through a very trying period in my life and would have never made it without her help during this time. You are gifted and I see this in every aspect of my life we worked on.                            

Thank you."

- E. Terreblanche (actress) -

I feel my tires are inflated when I have spent time with you. You are high energy. You stay focused and on track in your sessions. You never waiver. You always bring me back on track. I have tried numerous healing methods over 30 years and only since I have been working with Mari on the soul level, I felt a deep shift in my core.

 - Jack  (Naturopath) -

 “My second visit to Mari was last Thursday.  I came to her in crisis with major conflict at work.  My body conveyed to her that I was holding a lot of sadness, upset, and dark energy.  She helped me clear my chakras while she transformed the negative energy.  Through a series of questions to my body we determined the exact area we needed to work on and proceeded to address 18 separate disowned parts of myself.  This gave me a new perspective on the dynamics being played out with my supervisor. 


I returned to work the next day and was able to come from my center, speak my truth and leave the victim behind.  Also that weekend I reconnected with an old flame and was able to be open and receptive instead of my usual guarded and inhibited.  What a transformation in such a short time! 


Thank you Mari, I am coming back for more!  I have had years of traditional therapy and it was helpful but I feel this work with Mari is taking me to a whole different level.  I like that my body communicates to her what is going on.  That feels real! 


Mari is the “real deal”.  She is so loving and present.  She listens to every detail with such attention and thoughtfulness.  She never judges and is so accepting.  She cradles you with her love and support!”

“Mari has been working with my daughter who suffers from severe depression.  I feel so relieved to have Mari attending to my daughter in such a loving and effective way.  She has made major progress in just 5 sessions.  She is up and dressed with make up on.  She is laughing and smiling at our kitten.  Mari has managed to reframe her situation and she is now hopeful about her future. She trusts Mari and has such respect for her that she now has hope for her future for the first time in many years!”



“My daughter, at the age of 13, complained of stomach ache every time she went to spend time with her Father.  I took her to a Psychologist specializing in teens.  She told K she was Anorexic – gave her a book to read, etc. and therefore Kelly took on that identity.  She later confessed that she so wanted to please her therapist that she took on more of the behaviors as outlined in the book! 


We moved out of the state and we had to hospitalize her for severe depression and suicide ideation.  At one point all the professionals advised me to abandon her, stop visiting etc, and force her to relate to them.  It didn’t seem right, and what if they were wrong? If she killed herself would there be any comfort in knowing it wasn’t my idea?  We took her out of the hospital and put her in a boarding school where she thrived and excelled. 


However 4 years ago the depression reared its ugly head and she was once again suicidal.  She experienced eight hospitalizations in a psychiatric hospital, electric shock treatments, grand mal seizure due to inappropriate medications (on 10 meds at one time), etc.  It seemed that the more meds she was given the more suicidal she became.   

She was diagnosed OCD and then she became obsessed with that diagnosis.  Then she was diagnosed as bi-polar – but never had any mania but started to identify herself as crazy. Then she was diagnosed as Personality Disorder and read a book about it and became absolutely hopeless, as did I, when I read about the prognosis.  I also experienced a lot of guilt about not protecting her from the early childhood trauma that caused this condition.  But how did this help my daughter to heal??

Then we found Mari!  She has been seeing her for 15 sessions over about 6 months and such miracles have occurred, she gave me my daughter back!  The transformation is truly astounding!  She is off all medications and no longer suicidal.  Her self esteem has increased dramatically.  She recently enrolled in a certificate program to be trained as a mental health specialist.  She has scored the highest grades on tests of anyone in her class and, already, her professors have identified her as a gifted student. And realizing and confirming that she did not lost her mind and brain/intellectual capacity after the shock treament. She will be the first one to say “it is all because of Mari!” 

K did not want to go out at all, nor go to the ocean. She is now swimming on a regular base, goes out, attend school and start to socialize again.

She is joyful and hopeful and making plans for her future for the first time in years!  The labels and traditional treatments did nothing to help her and in fact, they set her back!  Even as a teen the danger of well meaning therapists lead her to a disease she didn’t even have! I shall spend the rest of my years on this earth helping others to find this kind of treatment and promoting Mari’s sacred work!”

 I first posted a testimony during the first year that Mari worked with my daughter, K.  (see above) Now, 3 years later, my daughter has gone back to school and finished top in her class, getting a certificate as a Mental Health Worker.  She then got a job at a domestic violence shelter and was promoted after 6 months.  She continues to be off all anti -depressants and has had not episodes of significant depression!  This is truly a miracle after all the years she has struggled with severe depression and suicidal ideation.  Now she is opening up her heart to love!  I can finally exhale! 


- Janice Monypeny, Director - 

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute

Personal Enrichment Program

California State University San Marcos

Mari, you are not holding back. You are a vessel of God. With your generous and sharing nature, you have no judgment, stay objective and see it as it is.

 - John (life – survivor) -

"Since I have been working with you, not only do I, but my friends can see the difference in me and how calm I am. My anxiety level is way down. I am calm and collected when there are even huge changes in my life. I had to move my business recently after 25 years and although I went through a level of anxiety, which is normal, a friend noticed that I did not even once mentioned the scarcity of money or panicked or even worried about it. I walked into my abundance with confidence."

- Michelle (Businesswoman) -

"I don’t know what she is doing, but I can tell you this, she is darn good at what she does. I slept great after my first session. Best sleep I had for a while.


Also the tingling in my right hand is gone (we did not even work on that) and the bloating in my stomach is gone as well. It is definitely flatter and I just feel good and relaxed. And all this after just one visit!"

- Corrie (mother who lost her daughter through sex slave trafficking) - 


"Mari, thanks for your love and work. I am able again to face life and got my energy back to be a good mother and even can work again in my job. Thanks to you, I now again can speak up for myself and know what I want and can say it.

I had the courage again to apply for jobs and recently got a job as a Bio-energetic manager for Switzerland. Thanks, for bringing me back to my potential and direction!"


- Nina Schneider -

Jy het my in die spieel laat kyk… en ek vat my kruiwa weer vas in my geeelte hande. (Afrikaans) 

 -  Roy (IT specialist - England) -


"The work I have done with you, has been the most powerful. We go full circle in one session. Your sessions feel like I have been through a storm and then the clouds move away at the end and I see what I needed to see."


 - J.J. Jackson (corporate executive) -



Mari is an amazing young woman and just listening to her is both compelling and informative.  She has the grace to show genuine caring for each member of her class so I would imagine that everyone felt validated (and as a teacher that’s not an easy accomplishment). 


Mari exudes composure and a kind of inner peacefulness that shines through and is enviable.  She is a great example of her own teachings and uses her own life experiences as teaching vehicles which help students identify with real world applications.

The instructor did an excellent job of relating and covering three extensive topics in only ten weeks.  Although, as was explained to us, we received only "the tip of the iceberg", the content was not rushed and was made meaningful and interesting.

The rapid development of a cohesive and interactive class atmosphere might not have happened without the relaxed, trusting and non- threatening style presented by the instructor.


The enthusiasm felt and displayed by class members, during and especially at the end of the term, was indicative of the overall excellence of the class and the instructor.


Mari was so animated and used so many analogies to explain a technique that was foreign to us. 


I am currently in the mind, body spirit class and it is wonderful. I would love to see a part 2. Mari is a fantastic instructor.


Knows her stuff.  Accepting of disagreement. 

For my first class the experience was exceptional.  Meditations were extensive and soothing.  Info was plentiful and informative.

The class was such a wonderful surprise.  Mari’s presentations for each class were always organized and interesting, plus informative.

Mari is superb!  Organized, informative, cheerful, helpful

Mari really knows her subject.  Makes the class very interesting and understandable.  Makes you want to learn more.

Mari brought an awareness to my spirit.  Feel like I am more in tune with my entire being. 

Mari has extensive knowledge and is never stumped by our questions.


Class exceeded my expectations.  Teacher is very knowledgeable in her subject.


Again, thank you for all the effort and skill you put into the class. You were superb.

Thank you so much for a wonderful class, I enjoyed every minute of our time together. I feel so grounded thanks to your inspiration.

I enjoyed just listening and looking at beautiful slides. Mari is an animated and interesting speaker with interesting and informative things to say.

Enthusiastic, knowledgable and willing to listen to other points of view from students and thanks them for their input.

Mari is very enthusiastic and communicate easily. The info she presents emphasize her personal experience.

Mari has been an exceptional teacher. Her presentation and knowledge of the subject matter was high quality. And her sense of humor fabulous.

Testimonials for my workshops and retreats are under the headings Workshops and Retreats.

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