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“Our bodies may be separate, but our souls are connected. We are like the grapevine, the grapes are separate, but they are connected by the vine.”  

  - Unknown  -

What is HBLU™ (Healing from the Body Level Up?)

HBLU™ is an innovative and powerful holistic psychotherapy methodology that addresses somatic, psychological and spiritual aspects of an issue simultaneously and produces consistent results in the resolution of: 

  • Trauma, Loss & Grief

  • Emotional Aspects of Physical Injury

  • Negative & Self-Limiting Beliefs

  • Phobias & Blocked Emotions

  • Boundary Issues

  • Acute & Long-Standing Chronic Disorders


Judith Swack, Ph.D., developer of HBLU™, is a biomedical scientist, teacher, and healer. During the past 25 years, she has synthesized biomedical research with research from other non-medical systems.

The results are an innovative and powerful methodology that consistently produces transformative results. 

Dr. Swack’s clinical research has identified that damage patterns such as trauma, phobias and blocked emotions each have a unique multi-part structure. Knowing the components of these damage patterns allows you to systemically treat & heal each layer of the wound. 

HBLU™  provides therapists and healing professionals with a clear method to assess, diagnose and treat clients' issues. It takes the guesswork out of therapy and makes healing trauma safe and non-re-traumatizing. This combination increases job satisfaction and decreases vicarious traumatization and burnout.

Addressing physical, psychological and spiritual aspects of an issue simultaneously, HBLU™ often allows you to achieve results with clients where other methods have failed. It helps clients in a much shorter time than is possible with traditional talk therapies.

HBLU™  brings the mind-body connection actively into the healing process, allowing therapist and client to access and integrate all aspects of the self for complete resolution at all levels—conscious, unconscious, body and soul.

If a person is not on track with their life, or if they feel uncomfortable/not getting the desired results in some area of their life, then there must be some type of interference pattern that is causing a misalignment at some level of their being.

The purpose of the HBLU™ training is to provide healing practitioners with a way to:
1) identify the source of these interference patterns by easily accessing information from the client's deepest wisdom/soul, unconscious mind and body and
2) choose and apply an effective technique to heal that pattern thus aligning the conscious mind, unconscious mind, body and soul.
This combination of mind/body healing protocols consistently produces powerful, lasting results.
And most critical, HBLU™ methods are:
• Specific and reproducible
• Fast with lasting results
• Easily performed on yourself and others.

The ease, enjoyment, speed and efficacy of HBLU™ will help you better enjoy your patients and your work. HBLU™ takes the guess work out of therapy, reduces burnout in practitioners and helps them rediscover the joy of healing.

I am one of a handful of HBLU™ 1 trainers in the world. I received my HBLU™ trainer's training directly from Dr. Swack after I completed my Level 6 HBLU™education and post graduate training.

HBLU™ I: Healing Trauma and Installing Boundaries

Workshop Description


Whether it’s loss, violence, physical injury, or illness, trauma is the most common difficulty people encounter in their lives. Emotional and mental blocks from trauma and other emotional injuries can show up physically (pain, headaches, health disorders) or emotionally (phobic reactions, issues relating to success around career, relationships, money or other goals.) Trauma can also breach boundaries and lead to burnout.


In this 4-day experiential workshop learn how to achieve your goals by clearing energy blocks caused by trauma, phobias, limiting beliefs, negative emotions, etc. in order to move forward in any area of your life.
Our results-oriented approach allows each individual to solve problems that are rooted in the unconscious mind and body.

The techniques that you learn take just minutes and the results last. Therapists who have taken this course have reported these same revolutionary results when using these techniques with their clients.


In this exciting, educational and fun-filled experiential workshop, you will acquire protocols, skills, and interventions to:

  • Access information from the client’s deepest wisdom by mastering muscle testing

  • Easily identify priority treatment goals to maximize efficiency and efficacy

  • Clear/resolve negative emotions, limiting beliefs, and internal conflicts

  • Identify and resolve different types of phobias, including existential phobias

  • Completely clear all aspects of loss and violence trauma

  • Establish and maintain healthy boundaries at all levels in a variety of situations and contexts

  • Unblock and release toxic emotions

Course Topics

  • Understanding Traumatic Imprints

  • Developmental Core Belief Deficits

  • Neuropsychological Model of Boundaries

  • Diagnosis Shock – Prevention and Treatment

  • Psychosomatic Injury Resolution

  • Client Processing & Integration Issues

  • Working Through Client-Therapist Transference


Course Objectives

Through lecture, live demonstration and supervised small group practice within this 4-day training, students will be able to:


1. Use two methods of muscle testing to access information from the subconscious


2. Identify priority treatment goals to maximize efficiency and resolution.

3. Achieve goals by identifying interference and applying effective techniques to heal the interfering damage patterns


4. Follow step-by-step protocols for the successful treatment of:

  • Traumas: loss, violence, and physical injuries

  • Phobias

  • Internal conflicts

  • Blocked emotions

  • Negative emotions

  • Limiting Beliefs

  • Resistance and other self-sabotage patterns

  • Boundary issues – personal and professional


5. Incorporate and Utilize 10 effective healing techniques with 8 HBLU™ 1 methods.


Whether you are experienced in (Biofield) Energy Psychology or have never heard of it, you will discover techniques and healing protocols unavailable elsewhere.

People who have benefited from this workshop include those who are committed to renewal, growth, life mastery, and achieving meaningful goals for themselves and others.

Professionals who have benefited from this workshop (in alphabetical order) are:

  • Acupuncturists

  • Artists

  • Career Development Specialists

  • Chiropractors

  • Coaches

  • Counselors

  • Educators

  • Healers

  • Massage therapists and other body workers

  • Naturopaths

  • Nurses

  • Organizational Consultants

  • Parents

  • Physicians

  • Psychologists/Psychotherapists

  • Social Workers

  • Therapists

Top Ten Reasons to Take HBLU™ I

1.    Reach your goals

2.    Learn to heal yourself and others

3.    Learn how to muscle test yourself and others effectively with no deception

4.    Learn how to tune into your Deepest Wisdom

5.    Increase your zest for life and live fuller

6.    Improve your mental, emotional and physical state

7.    Be among the few practitioners who know how to effectively heal trauma without re-traumatizing their

8.    Heal negative emotions, limiting beliefs, conflicting parts of yourself, anxiety, fears and phobias 100% on all your levels 

9.    Set healthy boundaries to protect yourself from draining people and situations

10.  Learn a comprehensive healing system that prevents burnout 

11.  Improve your income – grow your practice

12.  Add 8 new structured holistic healing methods to your healing tool kit

13.  Add 10 new holistic healing interventions / techniques to your healing tool kit

What Others Say:

“I have trained in many different therapeutic modalities and HBLU™ pulls together everything I know and works when no other modality does. Eighty percent of the work I do with patients is HBLU™.”

- Sierra Levy, N.D. -

“The best cure for burn-out I’ve ever seen! This workshop has given me the tools to increase my own resourcefulness as well as the resourcefulness of others.”

- Ruthe Monahan, Educator -

“I enthusiastically recommend this to all therapists who wish to be at the leading edge in helping their clients heal rapidly and lastingly.”

- George Pratt, Chairman -
Psychology-Scripps Memorial Hospital
Author of Instant Emotional Healing

“Six weeks after taking the HBLU™ I training, my client load and income doubled without any different marketing effort on my part. I now have a waiting list of people who would like to work with me. Instead of having a handful of ‘breakthrough’, miracle sessions each year, I have that many each day.”

- Amy St. Hilaire, LMFT -

“To de-traumatize a patient in three hours when years of therapy had virtually little impact is profound. The results I’m seeing in my clients are dramatic.”

- Dr. Cal Robert Regula, Psychologist -


“It has proven to be an invaluable tool for self-stress management." 

- Dr. Janet Konefal, Ph.D., M.P.H., Univ. of Miami School of Medicine -

“These techniques are immediately useful, on the cutting edge of healing, and offer a measurable way to gauge the success of treatment. If I had only one workshop I could attend, this would be it!”

- Wendy Rawlings M.S., C.M.H.C. - 

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