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Urgent Emotional Care

UEC © was designed to bring relative quick release to an immediate trauma. It is goal specific and geared towards crisis intervention. 

It is a structured multi-layered, holistic approach for trauma resolution which I have created over almost two decades of research, studies and clinical experience. I realized that people in the 21st century want more effective treatment and immediate results without reliving trauma. People no longer have the time nor the desire to speak about their problems or approach it from a painful point of view. 

These high expectations made me step up my game as I wanted exactly that for my clients and myself and so UEC © was born.

This is a well tried and a very successful approach. 

UEC © addresses the person's spiritual, energetic, emotional, mental and physical states simultaneously. It is a 3 module, 10 step treatment process which incorporates Energy Psychology techniques, qigong techniques, and South Pacific forgiveness protocols.

The 3 modules are:


1. Creating a safe place


2. Addressing the issue ​


3. The treatment

The Treatment Process steps are:

1. Shock Release 

2. Setting an intention 

3. Set-up

4. Action 

5. Forgiveness practice 

6. Energy cord release 

7. Gratitude practice 

8. Review 

9. Install the positive

10. Closing up 

This process can be done in one, or two, two-hour sessions. 

If a person has a specific goal in mind and is very goal driven and success minded, these two sessions are all they would need. If they have multiple issues, they will need more sessions.

Full collaboration is expected from a client.

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