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Welcome to the home of Heal Your Soul Core

Here my purpose is to refresh you in spirit, stimulate your mind, and invigorate your body. 

I can help you achieve your goals by assisting you

  • Transform your Traumas

  • Flip your Phobias

  • Make you Smile at Stress

  • Move from Fear to Faith


with next generation, cutting edge Energy Psychology methods and techniques.



I am located in the beautiful, tranquil town of Concord, half an hour from downtown Charlotte in North Carolina, USA.

From here I serve clients globally, from America, to Europe, to Africa, to Asia. I mainly work virtually as most of my clients are non-local. This transition happened organically and with great ease when I moved from Southern California to North Carolina in August 2018. 

I also still see people in person, if they choose to. 

Please feel free to contact me, Mari Schurian, if you have any questions or want to set up a 20 minute complimentary discovery appointment.


Phone: 310 961 8867

Skype: mare.schurian1


Facebook: Heal your core at the soul level with Mari Schurian

Facebook: Untamed travel tales and retreats

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