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Methods and Techniques 

Energy Psychology Education and Certification Received in the United States

I began my studies in Energy Psychology in the United States under Dr. Judith Swack, the creator of a method called Healing from the Body Level Up (HBLU™). Critical and curious as I am, I first booked a session with Dr. Swack before I started my studies. I was not disappointed!! I experienced profound and lasting changes from my first session.

I found this method innovative, integrative, holistic, rapid, powerful and well researched. Above all, it worked for me, on a personal level as well as on a professional level. HBLU™ was the Holistic Psychotherapy System I was looking for.

I was educated, trained and certified in all four levels of HBLU™ by Dr. Swack. This was an intense 3-year journey which benefitted my practice from the start. I am currently trained and educated at the HBLU™ post-graduate level and I am one of her course trainers and am listed on her website as a certified practitioner and trainer.

Dr. Swack introduced me to the Enneagram personality types. I went on to complete a course in Enneagram Personality Transformation, which covers the understanding and treatment of the nine different types of personalities according to the enneagrams. This program is greatly used as a diagnostic and transformational tool in the treatment plan and is a pre-requisite for the HBLU™ 2 training.

Another pre-requisite for the HBLU™ 2 training is Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). I am a certified Master Practitioner of NLP, a certified Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy and a certified master practitioner in Clinical Hypnotherapy.

The main Energy Psychology method I use during the Soul Core Healing process is HBLU™. The method allows for other methods and techniques to be integrated into the process to assure not only structure but flexibility as well. 

As mentioned, HBLU™ is an integrative Energy psychology method and does not only integrate the above methods, but we also choose from an extensive menu of Energy Psychology techniques (over 100) to incorporate into the healing session. One of the more familiar techniques is EFT, or tapping as it is more commonly known.

NLP is generally integrated into the HBLU™ process and Muscle Testing is a guaranteed part of HBLU™.

I am also certified in AIT (Advanced Integrative Therapy). Dr. Asha Clinton, the creator of this method, personally supervised my case studies which I presented to her before certification was granted.

I became more interested in genetic memory during my ongoing studies and clinical reading. I completed a course in Genetic Memory and the role of DNA as an originating cause and how to use it in the treatment process with Margaret Ruby (international author and authority on the subject).

I completed the 6-month Apprenticeship course for this methodology. To further deepen my understanding and knowledge of this method, I completed the DNA2 course in Chakra Healing and Sacred Geometry.

I continued my education in this particular field of Energy Psychology by completing the diploma and certification in the Master and Advanced Master Rapid Healing and Holographic Healing classes.

I am also a Theta Healing Practitioner who completed courses in DNA 1&2 Theta Healing and Advanced Theta Healing Techniques and Strategies.

Continual International Studies

During my stay here in the US, I went back to Germany in 2005, to do an intensive Intercultural Professional Workshop where I received training in Intercultural career planning, Intercultural training skills, and Multi-Cultural team Development up to corporate level.

This training has helped me greatly in regard to the cultural diversity that exists here in Southern California, as well with my international clients, workshops, and retreats.


I also went to South Africa to be trained in the Pythagoras method of the Human Pin Code which is used as a great assessment tool, even before meeting clients.



I am committed to continual education and obtain that by attending relevant courses, classes, trainings, clinical reading and research studies. I am not only trained in the above-mentioned methods and techniques but has further applicable knowledge in over a 100 Biofield (mind-body-spirit) techniques. 


In an attempt to bring years of studies in Energy Psychology to an academic conclusion, the topic for my post graduate dissertation was based on a fraction of the expansive field of Biofield Psychology: 


Addressing difficulties with change, transition, and progression in life: HBLU™ as an effective treatment for phobias. 

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