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Advanced Integrative Therapy (AIT)

"You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face.

You must do things you cannot do."

- Eleanor Roosevelt -

What is AIT?

AIT is a method of psychotherapy that treats the breadth and depth of the psyche, body, and spirit — with little or no suffering or re-traumatization of the client.

Dr. Asha Clinton developed AIT by combining traumatology and traditional therapies. The methodology is based on the psychodynamic underpinnings provided by analytic psychology, object relations, and self-psychology. It also draws from Biofield/Energy Psychology and Healing, where it focuses on the chakra system, instead of the meridian system. Finally, AIT work is based on teachings and practices drawn from Christianity, Judaism, Sufism, Hinduism, Buddhism, and other spiritual and religious traditions.

How does it work?

AIT uses muscle testing to access your subconscious mind for accurate answers, in this way bypassing the conscious mind and all its deceptions.

We will:

•  Identify the presenting problem by examining your history

•  Identify and treat neurological disorientation and dehydration

•  Look for a similar problem in early childhood to identify the originating problem

•  Remove negative core beliefs that underlie treatment when necessary and install positive beliefs in their place

•  Determine if the presenting problem is a trauma or if it represents a theme

•  Treat the originating trauma and all of its aspects

•  Treat the presenting trauma and all of its aspects

•  Treat the connection trauma and all its aspects

•  Treat any symptoms that require attention

•  Treat any negative core belief matrices that need to be cleared

•  In some circumstances, give a homework assignment 

What can AIT do for me?

AIT restores the wholeness of the person by unblocking energy throughout the body to transform even uncompromising and inflexible disorders and patterns, such as:

  • Post-traumatic negative emotions, flooding, and numbness

  • Negative beliefs and attitudes about self, others, life, and the world

  • Spiritual blockages

  • Psychogenic illnesses

  • Destructive desires, fantasies, compulsions, and obsessions


Beginning with the premise that all upsetting events are types of traumas and that they are housed in the body, mind, and spirit, AIT is designed to quickly remove the after-effects of such traumatic events.

This healing method provides long-lasting relief for a range of psychological disorders, physical and allergenic symptoms, and spiritual dead ends.

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