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The Soul Core Healing Process

"Our primary purpose in this life is to help others. If you can’t help, then at least don’t hurt” 

 - Dalai Lama -



I can help you focus on positive change to achieve your specific goals through a unique process where we address related existential phobias and traumas.  Your transformation occurs on the mental, emotional, energetic and most times on the spiritual and physical levels as well.

This is achieved by applying my clinical intuition and combining traditional talk therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy with Energy Psychology methods and techniques. 

Each session is focused, flexibly structured and personalized to fit your needs and achieve your goals. 


At your core level, you know the truth, so we will reconnect with your Soul and Deepest Wisdom. 

From your Deepest Wisdom you will guide the healing with the help of muscle testing. In this way you  stay in control of your sessions which will minimize or most of the time, prevents re-traumatization. 


In The Soul Core Healing process, I use protocols that provide thorough, deep, quick, lasting and relatively painless relieve of symptoms. I discover and address core causes of traumas, phobias, limiting beliefs and identities, negative emotions and sabotage programs. 

In addition to internal energy blockages left from unresolved traumas, external energies and supernatural forces can also get in the way of healing. These negative external and supernatural influences can block progression. Examples are curses (real or imagined), supernatural entities (such as seduction patterns, overtangles, black holes, etc.). These entities can deplete energy and reduce someone's life force, leaving them feel depleted and hopeless.  They create great frustrations and can prevent a person to progress with their healing process. Illness, and addiction-seducing entities can entice one to hold onto an addiction, an illness or disease or self-damaging patterns, while promising false benefits.

These issues are approached and treated in the same manner as outlined in the steps below.

Ultimately, you are your own healer. My role is to guide you toward the core of what is troubling you, to the causes that are affecting you and to provide you with the tools and skills to overcome your troubles.


Because we dig deep, you realize that even your deepest feelings are just on the surface.

At your Core, you are silent, at peace, empty – not in pain and confusion and darkness.


 I don’t determine the damage patterns or choose the intervention. You do, through muscle testing. The ability to communicate with your conscious mind, subconscious mind, body, and soul simultaneously take a lot of the guesswork out of the healing process.

“For what person perceives (knows, understands) what passes through a man’s thoughts, except the man’s own spirit within him? Just so no one discerns the thoughts of God except the Spirit of God.”  - 1 Cor. 2:11 -


We all have the resources we need to achieve the change we desire. I will help you to access these resources with ease so your life can be transformed to the life you are meant to lead. I am intentional, motivated and enthusiastic about your healing process and your commitment to evolve – always.


I find my approach to be very effective due to a few factors:

  • It is strongly spiritual.

  • My approach is heart/soul-centered, practical, well-researched, collaborative, and proactive.

  • It is structured as well as flexible. The spirit-mind-body wants to address all healing in a certain order, but everybody’s being is different and I am able to adapt to that.

  • The process of asking your deepest wisdom to identify the priority goal and the interference patterns, take any guess work or projections out of the way.

  • I work from a comprehensive menu of damage patterns and have in-depth knowledge of their structures.

  • You can choose from an extensive menu of Energy Psychology techniques to release the core origins of an issue.
    The criteria for these techniques are that they are effective, work fast and as painless as possible. 


  • We permanently clear the damage patterns at the conscious, subconscious, soul and body level simultaneously.

  • It is systematic and methodical.

  • Each session is personalized and you play an active role.

  • I promote self-healing and self-empowerment.

  • I am intentional, motivated and enthusiastic about your healing process and your commitment to evolve – always.


The sessions are not set in stone, but this will give you an idea of what to expect:


  • First, we will work together to identify the presenting problem and set a goal for the session.


  • Then I will introduce you to Kinesiology, a diagnostic technique also known as muscle testing.

  • Next, I will test you for neurological disorientation and dehydration. In this way, we can obtain the most accurate answers from muscle testing.


  • We then establish the priority interference pattern on your goal - through muscle testing.

  • From here the session will follow the appropriate protocol/method to neutralize the problem at the core level.


  • Negative emotional charge is neutralized with an energy psychology intervention of choice. This will allow for the problem to be seen/experienced in a new and positive light.


  • Finally, you will write your learnings—this is a tangible record of how your perspective has changed.

    These changes can be immediate and profound.


Before the Session

  1. Read my website to get a basic understanding of Energy Psychology and my approach to it.

  2. If you want, you can complete the personal history questionnaire which you can find under the Forms section. You can email it to before your session. We will go through it together during the first session. This will save us the typical 1-3 "get to know you" sessions.

  3. If you are interested, you can read a brief description of each Enneagram type and decide with which one you identify the most. Short descriptions are available under Methods and Techniques.

  4. It is a good idea to write down what you hope to achieve during the sessions by making a list of long and short term goals.

    • To start to prioritize your goals, start to focus on what is a tangible issue at this time.

      • Ask yourself what happens because of this problem. How does it make you feel?

      • Once you have focused in on the goal(s), you might ask and answer what serves you in the goal(s). What does not serve you in the goal(s)?

      • What is the feeling you will have when you have solved the problem?

  5. Then write a list of wants and why. This process helps you to get focused and move out of overwhelm and despair. The more prepared and focused you are, the quicker your results.

  6.  Read and sign the informed consent forms and email them to before your first session if you are a virtual client. Find the forms under Forms.

  7. Choose a payment option and pay before your first session when you are a virtual client. For an in person session, you can pay at the time of the appointment. 

During the Session

Our sessions are not set in stone, but this will give you an idea of what to expect. The usual duration of a session is one and a half hours. One hour sessions are available.

The first session is 2 hours. It includes your free half-hour exploration consultation. During your first session:

  1. We will discuss your personal history and goals, as well as the homework you have done (if any) prior to the first session.  

  2.  I will introduce you to Kinesiology, also known as muscle testing or energy testing.
    With this diagnostic technique, we will address your soul and deepest wisdom and receive answers through your body  (bypassing the conscious mind and its preconceived ideas).

  3. You will be awake, aware and an active participant in the process.

  4. I will test you for blocked and partially blocked energy fields. We will clear any blocked energy fields immediately to assure accurate Muscle Testing.

  5. You will be tested for dehydration so we can obtain the most accurate answers from muscle testing.

  6. If there is any anxiety related to muscle testing, I will introduce you to EFT (also known as Tapping) to help clear the anxiety. This assures continual accurate muscle testing.

  7. We will correct neurological disorganization if necessary.

  8. To access your subconscious mind, I will teach you the NLP technique of going inside and talking to the part that needs healing. Your communication can be visual, auditory or kinesthetic (a physical or emotional sensation felt in the body). Sometimes there can even be smell or taste responses.

  9. Once we have established communication with your soul, body and subconscious mind, your SOUL AND DEEPEST WISDOM through muscle testing will dictate all of the goals, directions and healing steps that we take during a session.

Subsequent sessions will be 90 minutes long. 

  • Steps 4-8 are repeated at each session.

  • We will go through a general intake form to set strong foundations for your healing process.

  • We will work together to identify the priority goal. (Focus is important for speedy and clear progress)

  • We get a 100% permission to work on the goal.

  • We determine the % negative emotional charge on the goal.

  • We determine the priority interference pattern on the goal, followed by an explanation.

  • From here the session will follow the appropriate protocol to discover the root cause of the presenting problem and neutralize the related interference patterns at the soul core level.

  • All interferences are neutralized with an Energy Psychology intervention which is chosen from a menu of over a hundred interventions/techniques.

  • After the healing process, we conduct a test to see if the issue has been resolved 100 percent at the conscious, unconscious, body, soul, and etheric levels and if the presenting problem is now seen/experienced in a new and positive light.

  • You will end the session by revisiting the previous issue and writing your new insights, and new perspectives. This is a tangible record of how your perspective has changed.

"The smallest change in perspective can change a life."

– Oprah –

After the Session 

What can you expect?

  • Some people start to feel better after their first intervention and most people have a positive experience after the first session. 

  • Depending on the multitude and severity of the issue(s) at hand, people start to see the changes play out in their lives between 1 - 8 sessions.

  • Even after a complex trauma treatment, positive changes can be experienced after one session. 

  • These processes are fast, but not trivial. If you have processed a lot of damage, you may experience sensations of fatigue, trance, spaciness or confusion. This just indicates that you are still processing and digesting the energy shifts. 

  • You can assist the processing by applying the following interventions: Unwinding Frontal/Occipital holding (UF/O holding) or BodyTalk Cortices. I will show you how to apply them. 

  • You might need to eat something, sleep, or just contemplate and rest. 

  • Rarely might you feel overwhelmed by new problems that seem to arise after a session. This happens because once your subconscious and body experience the work, the parts of you that have waited years for healing get excited and start to talk to you all at once. It is important to establish order by acknowledging every part that speaks to you and promise that you will heal it in order of priority. Write down what it is telling you and it will be addressed.

  • I might assign homework, especially if a child has behavioral difficulties. The exercises between sessions will greatly help with the progression.

  • In rare circumstances, homework may be assigned.

My motive is to empower you to become joyful, whole, free and self–sufficient. You will learn techniques you can use daily and resolve between–session–issues.


My clients report rapid and effective results and most of the times even have fun.

Three Step Process

To sum it up, here is my 3 Step Process.


I found the confirmation of my work and process in Isaiah 28:24-28. 

  1. Plow the field/heal traumas and other life damages and influences that no longer serve you through Energy Psychology.
    When the field is ready, you no longer continue to plow.

  2. Then you plant the seedlings. You cannot plant the seedlings when the field is not ready.
    At this stage, the person is curious about and ready for new teachings, new seedlings. These seedlings can range from spiritual teachings/ God’s word to suggested behavioral changes and new life skills.

  3. Then, when necessarily new skills are being taught and new tools are being given to help and support the person with their new realities. Each person receives according to their gifts, personalities, and needs.

Continual encouragement towards independence is provided. This support can be in the form of coaching, counseling or mentoring. 

How to tend to these growing seedlings? (See 1 Peter 5: 2&3)

  • nurture

  • guard

  • guide willingly, eagerly and cheerfully

NOT in the following ways:

  • by constraint

  • by coercion

  • dishonorably

  • motivated by profits – the motivation is love

  • domineering and dictatorial

  • arrogance

  • overbearing

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