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“Accept yourself as you are.

Otherwise, you will never see opportunity.

You will not feel free to move toward it.

You will feel you are not deserving.” 

- M. Maltz -

What is TLT?

Time Line Therapy can also be known as regression therapy as it will take you back on your historic timeline, in order to address an issue at the core/ the root cause. 

You can explore a collection of your memories, and possibly those of your ancestors. Each and every experience of your life is coded and stored deep within your neurology as memories. All memories—past, present, and even future memories—are stored on your timeline.

With TLT, you can access those memories safely and successfully and rapidly liberate yourself from past traumas and their associated negative emotions, limiting beliefs, and existential phobias. 

This can lead to dramatic improvements in your personal growth and transformation. 

You can further give your goals a stronger positive reality by installing them on your future timeline.

How does it work?

I use TLT on its own or integrate it with HBLU™.


  • We first identify your priority goal.

  • If the priority interference on your goal is a trauma, we will identify the originating trauma.

  • We elicit your timeline and take you on a “test drive” to familiarize you with your timeline.

  • This gives you a clear sense of where your past, present, and future appear on your timeline.

  • You are guided in a relaxing manner above your time line and all the way back to the origin of the presenting problem—and even before that—until all the negative emotions have been released.

  • In the same way, we remove the limiting decisions that hold you back. (i.e. I am not good enough, etc.)

  • I incorporate the HBLU™ trauma protocol and different EP techniques to neutralize the originating traumatic memory at root cause on the timeline.

  • Once the trauma is neutralized and you are in a positive state, we bring back the healing through all time up to the present.

  • We then install a positive goal into your future timeline. 

What can TLT do for me?

  • Elicit your own timeline

  • Change the direction/location of your timeline if it is not working in your best interest

  • Discover the root cause or the first sign of a problem

  • Eliminate negative emotions

  • Eliminate limiting beliefs

  • Neutralize root cause traumas and all their associated beliefs, emotions and triggers

  • Pick up positive resources or memories

  • Create a profound impact on your future by stepping into your future timeline

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