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“Our own success, to be real, must contribute to the success of others” 

- Eleanor Roosevelt -

What Is Holographic Healing?

It is a cutting edge, multi-dimensional, vibrational healing process that helps you discover ancestral memories and how it influences your past, present, and future.

We work with the low vibrations located in the genes and the DNA.

It is based on the concept that every thought and awareness ever generated is contained in the universe as information/memory and that this consciousness survives in our DNA.

How Does It Work?

The technique takes you to your deepest self, where your ancestral stories are stored. As you discover the beliefs and feelings of the past, you will have the key to the present, the driving force behind your thoughts and emotions which are creating your life today.

It can help you to unlock your past and help create your present and future.


There are 3 parts of Holographic Healing:

  1. We first map out and heal the holographic fields (also called the gene process)

  2. We do the genetic Mandala process

  3. We follow the 5 geometries of balance process

What Can It Do For Me?

  • Balance/ transformation of emotions

  • Balance traumas

  • Balance memories

  • Treat allergies

  • Eye related problems

  • Depression

  • Pre-surgery fear

  • Change limiting beliefs to positive and powerful beliefs

  • Assist with the recovery from addictions

  • Basically turning any gene on or off

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