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EIP (Eliminating Interference Patterns) of DNA

“An original mind is rarely understood.” 

- Margaret Fuller -

What is EIP of DNA?

EIP in genetic DNA is a vibrational healing technique developed by Margaret Ruby. It is designed to assist in locating and releasing low vibration (negative) belief patterns, which cause physical, emotional, and spiritual discomfort.

We work with the low vibrational disturbances in the 5 elements and chakras that lodge energetically in the organs and glands.

What are Interference Patterns?

Interference patterns are held in both the physical and spiritual bodies. Interference patterns are caused when two energy waves (1 positive, the other negative – low vs high) pass the same point and become imbalanced. Because of this interaction, an interference is created. That interference can affect emotions, thoughts, and the physical body.

These disturbances can manifest as physical illnesses or negative emotional states.

What is DNA? 

​We know that there are zillions of cells in our bodies. Within each cell is a nucleus, or the mastermind, for the blueprint of our life. Within each nucleus are 46 chromosomes, and within each chromosome is the tightly coiled DNA. A gene is a segment of DNA. The color of our hair and eyes are stored in the memory of our DNA, as well as our feelings and ancestral beliefs. The stories recorded in your DNA help determine the course of your relationships, health, and wealth.

How does EIP of DNA work?

We will work with both the physical and spiritual body.


  • All healing takes place through the power of love. The EIP technique creates an atmosphere for love. The process itself shows you how to move your energy into the healing state of love.

  • We will activate your DNA, in order to reconnect you with your senses and intuition.

  • Once you have identified an issue or problem you want to work on, we examine your DNA story through numbers.

  • The number system will show where in your ancestral lineage the pattern came in, what the original belief was behind the pattern, and what emotion or event triggered or activated the pattern in you.

  • We will direct your intention to neutralize all energy back to its perfect state of love, forgiveness, and gratitude.
    In doing this, the interference patterns are removed from your DNA.

  • Once there is a change of heart, the genetic code is restored to the new expansive reality of abundance, wellness, and joy.

  • You will tap into the power of creation and manifestation and activate the DNA strands to create and manifest the reality of your choice. In this way, the DNA gets reprogrammed and is replaced without the flaw.

What can EIP of DNA do for me?

  • Discover where the blocked energy is stored in the physical body and learn how to release that energy.

  • Discover your ancestral DNA story.

  • Release negative emotions.

  • Release limiting belief systems.

  • Release negative and destructive patterns in your life that have been created through ancestral genetic memories, birth trauma, trauma, difficult relationships, and phobias.

  • Take your DNA to the next level of evolution.

  • Manifest what you want in your life with greater ease, joy, gratitude, and abundance.

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