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About Mari:

Mari Schurian has two huge passions - traveling and practicing Biofield psychology (also known as Energy Psychology). She finds immense joy in helping and showing people how to overcome their inner obstacles (for ex. false beliefs and their associated negative emotions, negative inner representations created by trauma). She specializes in creating positive change and progression in people's lives, helping them to move away from debilitating traumas and phobias.

What is better than combining these two passions?

It all started back in 1987 when she left South Africa after university to explore and expand herself and her world. The plan was to backpack for a year through Europe and then go back to start a "normal" life. The year extended to 15 years!

Long story short, she lived, worked and study on four continents. Thirty years after her first independent backpacking trip, she continues (much in the same style) to go on regular, explorative soul journeys to keep her Untamed Spirit alive.

She lives change.



She met her American husband in a Caribbean bar/restaurant in Taiwan (of course!). Her marriage brought her to America where she studied extensively in the field of Biofield Psychology for over a decade. The focus of her post graduate degree was on the devastating effects the fear of change can have on someone's life and the consequential successful outcomes of Biofield psychology treatments.

This makes her a change expert on more than one level!


Currently, Mari is known as a sought after Biofield Psychology Practitioner in southern California. She has a private practice in Long Beach where she conducts transformational healing sessions in persons as well as on Skype. She has the ability and proficiency to get to the core (root cause) of complex issues rapidly, in order to bring forth change organically.


She specializes in complex traumas and anxiety disorders.

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