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What To Bring
  • Mosquitoes aren’t as persistent in these months and there are mosquito nets (romantic), but I recommend bringing repellant, and lightweight, light colo(ured) long-sleeved shirts and pants, especially for the evenings.

  • Earplugs (I never travel without them)

  • Flashlight and backup batteries (I always travel with that too)

  • Cash (There are no banks on Ha'apai and definitely not on Uoleva) for any expenses such as gratuity for the staff, an extra boat trip, swim with the whales, a drink or meal not at the resort, etc.

  • Your medication, if you take any. Please bring a supply that will last a week longer than your intended stay. Both prescription and non-prescription medications are not always available in Tonga.

  • Snacks (and if you want, alcohol)

  • Comfortable shoes; flip flops; sneakers, etc.

  • A jacket for the evening

  • Sun hat, sun protection, etc.

  • Swimsuit

  • Camera!!

  • Phone; iPad, etc. (although there is limited wifi )

  • A positive open mind and a great attitude!

What Not To Bring:
  • Heals

  • Hairdryers (remember it is an eco-resort and there is no grid electricity - yeah!)

  • Too much luggage (You always need less than you think)

  • Resistance and a bad attitude!

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