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The adventure has begun!! You have arrived! On Friday,
October 27th
at the Queen Salote Airport in Ha'apai. 
I will be there to welcome you. You can visit a local store
to pick up some snacks and drinks before we are
transferred by boat to the peaceful island of
Uoleva, your very own exotic island.


After the 45-minute boat ride, check into the enchanting paradise of
Serenity Beaches Resort, which is nestled amongst waving palm trees

and unspoiled white-sand beaches.

The Retreat officially starts after you have checked into Serenity Beaches Resort.


After you have settled in, we will have a "Get to know each other" circle and do a chakra clearing and grounding guided meditation to release jetlag.

Then we will have a delicious candle light dinner together, with the ocean breeze on our cheeks.

You are being prepared to safely unwind into the retreat for an optimal relaxed learning experience. Every day you will experience your CHANGE  and EXPAND your inner boundaries.

We start the day with an invigorating breathing meditation to make optimal use of all the fresh ocean air.

Followed by the daily morning body-mind-energy routine to set us up for the day. (Yes! to a clear mind, strong body, balanced energy fields, and invigorating spirit!)



Enjoy a fresh tropical breakfast.

After breakfast we will:


  • Gather in the Balinese-inspired open-air round fale for a grounding exercise and a Heart chakra meditation
    (Yes! we want to be lovingly present!)


  • Introduce the Judgment and Trigger basket (Yes! to Freedom! Let go of those from the start!).

  • Mirrorfy ourselves! Learn and apply this protection technique. (We all want to feel safe, right?).

  • Practice being fluid like water to prevent negative energies attaching to us.


  • Explore in the Expectation Circle what your Untamed Woman Avatar looks like, feels like and sounds like. (Who is she?).


Wonderful, welcoming lunch.



After lunch, you have free time to unwind. Relax in a hammock,

go for a swim and snorkel, take a nap, write in your journal, and

…think about your expectations for the week.




We meet for sundowners (A South African tradition to gather at sunset with a drink) and discuss our expectations - that which you want to achieve by the end of the week (Write it down and keep it).


Delicious dinner (Of course by candlelight).

We end the night with the relaxing So Hum expansion meditation under the stars on the beach.

Sundays are holy in Tonga, it is revered and observed. (Nothing is open. There are not even flights on Sundays!) It is a time to rest, reflect and enjoy food, friends, and family. Let's be present with others and ourselves and embrace this beautiful tradition.

Before breakfast, we will have a spiritual, devotional time together to honor the Tongan day of rest and observation.

Followed by the daily morning body-mind-energy routine to set us up for the day.




After breakfast, we will continue to gently…


  • Learn how to access our body's deepest wisdom and practice how to apply it (It is a very empowering experience).

  • Learn 5 new mind-body-spirit techniques (Including a South Pacific forgiveness technique).

  • Practice these gentle, but powerful techniques with your feet in the sand.


Enjoy a wonderful, soul filling light lunch.


After lunch your time is yours. Explore your Untamed Woman Avatar. Are you moving closer to her already? Relax. Explore.

Share in local culture as you assist in preparing an authentic Tongan Sunday feast, called an "umu". Delicious local food, such as suckling pig, root vegetables, and seafood are all steamed in a traditional underground oven called an "umu".





Feast on the umu.










End the wonderful day with a Qigong Butterfly meditation with the sea breeze on your skin.

(An amazing releasing meditation)

By now you feel grounded, safe and ready to explore your inner world! We are moving closer to explore and embrace your Untamed avatar. We will cover a life-transforming mind-body method to transform your change-limitations.

We start with an invigorating chakra singing meditation. (You will be ready to speak your truth safely and lovingly)


Followed by our daily morning body-mind-energy routine.



After breakfast we will:



  • Discover the secret factor that stops change in its tracks. (It rhymes with funky…kinda).


  • Identify what's been stopping you from going towards the change(s) you seek.
    What is stopping you from embracing your Untamed self? (Is it an irrational fear, shame or a combination?).


  • The Core is the Cure. It matters. How do we get to the core of an issue, a fear? With two simple questions, you will discover how to "Chase the dragon to its nest".


  • Learn the 3-step practical solution to fearless change and expansion. (Why use your willpower when you can bring forth change organically with a well-researched, mind-body method?).

The great news is that this Biofield (mind-body-spirit) Psychology method and all the incorporated techniques are well researched (including my own research), has a positive outcome and is evidence-based. Some techniques are approved by the APA (American Psychology Association) and listed in the NREPP (National Registry of Evidence-Based Programs and Practices).


So, Relax!  You are in safe and capable hands. 



Break for a well-deserved lunch.



Your time is yours. Relax, explore, swim, snorkel and meet your local sea neigbo(u)rs.
You might even meet a friendly sea turtle or a magnificent stingray. 


Enjoy your expansion however you want!


Sundown gathering for the Fear Releasing Sound meditation.


Delicious dinner.


Join the Circle of Friends gathering for sharing and stargazing around a beach fire.


Putting it all together! The really fun part! Today you will integrate everything you have learned.

Practice with your Untamed tribe.

We start with an Inner smile guided meditation. (You have a lot to smile about!)


Followed by our daily morning body-mind-energy routine.



After breakfast we will:


  • Practice what you have learned! (This is the moment!). I will be there all the way to help and assist you!

  • We apply the active Gold Circle meditation to release parts of others that we took on and call back parts of us that we gave away. (It is good to feel whole!)

  • Replace and cut unhealthy energy attachments that were created during previous relationships. They can hold you back from fully stepping into your changed reality. (It will be even easier to step into your Untamed self)


Enjoy your lunch.


After lunch, you can continue to practice and release more fears and shame
to change and expansion OR do whatever you want!

Perhaps you want to snorkel more and get closer to your new ocean friends.
Do you start to recognize butterflyfish, clownfish, Moorish Idol and other
exotic creatures, that inhabit the colorful reefs? Have you met a sea turtle?

Before dinner, we will gather for a guided somatic-sunset-release-circle.
(Sweeping up any unwanted anxiety gremlins)


Enjoy another candle-lit, island style dinner.


Today we will polish up and imprint your new avatar image.

We start with a gratefulness meditation. (You have a lot to gratefully celebrate!)


Followed by our daily morning body-mind-energy routine.


After breakfast we will:


  • Explore and bring forth your expanded Untamed Woman Avatar. (She will be different!)

  • Share your new Untamed Woman movie/story/painting.

  • Install your Untamed Wild Woman Within in your timeline with a guided Timeline meditation and vision walk.




After lunch, we might take the boat to another island (at an added cost of about $25 pp) OR walk to the other side of our own island.

Celebrating your expansion with a Sunset Dancing Meditation.


Celebrate your change and expansion with a final farewell feast by candlelight. (Perhaps we are lucky and get some crayfish fresh from the ocean).


A final stargazing, beach fire gathering, sharing our learnings, gratitudes, and new realizations.


Experience for yourself how you experience the world now. How do you feel and act now in comparison to when you arrived? Be aware of your Untamed Self all the way home!

  • We start the day with the "Five Rites of Rejuvenation" Tibetan moving meditation to ground and rejuvenate you for the trip back.

  • Enjoy our last invigorating island breakfast together.

  • Saying our Toki Sio "See you later".

  • Your Retreat ends here, as you take the boat back to Ha'apai island for your flight to Tongatapu.


While as accurate as possible at the time of printing, this itinerary can be subject to change due to circumstances beyond my control. It is not inflexible and set in stone. If we need to adapt to change, we will. That is the nature of travel and our humanity.

Plus we are embracing the subject of change! So don't be surprised if there are a few delightful changes.  

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