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Flight Arrangements

Your adventure begins here! Be Untamed!


You must arrive into the Fua'amotu International Airport in Nuku'alofa

on the main island of Tongatapu, Tonga. If you don't stay for the night

in Tongatapu, you will transfer to the domestic terminal and catch a thirty-minute domestic flight with Real Tonga airline to Queen Salote Airport, Lifuka, in Ha'apai.


I will welcome you at the airport in Ha'apai. We will take a 30-45 minute boat ride across the crystal clear South Pacific water to enchanting, secluded Serenity Beaches Resort, which is located on the island of Uoleva with its white, pristine beaches and waving palm trees.


Your Retreat officially starts when you put your pretty feet on the white sand at Serenity Beaches resort and have checked in.

Flight Details: Recommendations

There are three International Airlines that serve Tonga:


·       Air New Zealand

·       Fiji Airlines

·       Virgin Australia




From Los Angeles, it is a 12-hour flight to Auckland, NZ and the same estimated time to Nadi, Fiji.

From New Zealand, it is a two to three-hour flight to Tonga. From Nadi, Fiji to Tonga it is a 90-minute flight. 


You will use Real Tonga Airlines for your domestic flights from Tongatapu to Ha'apai.

The Real Tonga domestic airplane to Ha'apai is really small. Take note that there are no toilets on the plane.

Travel light!

Real Tonga Airlines allow a maximum of 20 kg checked in and 5kg carry on. They are very strict with this and even though they will weigh you and your luggage! they might not be able to accommodate your luggage due to the weight regulations.
xcess rates are reasonable (around US$1.50 per kg) though. 


And book well ahead, together with your international flight (after the retreat has been confirmed)! 


Your flight will be an adventurous delight! You will see many small islands surrounded by the crystal clear blue ocean, and endless untouched coral reefs from your window (No need for a TV screen!).

This is what it will look like at a glance

You will need three days to get here. Yes! You will lose a day traveling to Tonga from the USA, but… you will gain a day on your way back!


If you leave the USA on Tuesday (10/24/17), you will lose Wednesday (10/25/17) and arrive in Tongatapu, Tonga on Thursday (10/26/17). Sleepover on Tongatapu and take a flight (preferably the noon flight) to Ha'apai the next day - Friday (10/27/17)  - and be there right on time, on the 27th of October 2017, for your 1st day of the Retreat.

What I like to do...

I buy:


  • a round-trip flight from LAX (Los Angeles) to Auckland, NZ (12 hours);

  • a round-trip flight from Auckland to Tongatapu, Tonga (2 - 3 hours),

  • and a round-trip flight from Tongatapu to Ha'apai (30 minutes). 


When I come from America, I like to stay one night in Auckland. I then fly out to Tonga the next day. (It is so much more enjoyable!)

Depending on my plan, I will spend a few days exploring Tongatapu or I will get the next flight to Ha'apai.


OR you can buy:

                             a) a round ticket from LAX to Tongatapu, Tonga and

                             b) a round ticket from Tongatapu to Ha'apai.

Your Tentative Itinerary

To:  Ha'apai, Tonga

  • Fly from the USA on Tuesday, October 24th.

  • Lose a day.

  • Land in Tonga on Thursday, October 26th.

  • Stay on Tongatapu for the night.

  • Fly to Ha'apai on Friday, October 27th.






Return from: Ha'apai, Tonga

  • Fly from Ha'apai to Tongatapu.

  • Stay the night.

  • Fly home the next day from Tongatapu.

Estimated Flight Prices
  • All six flights should be around $2000 or less.

  • Good deals can be found on or

  • Roundtrip flights (LAX to Tongatapu) with Fiji Air and Virgin Air can be as low as $1000.
     I think this is a bargain!

  • A round trip from Tongatapu to Ha'apai is under $300.

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