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A miraculous, healing story at Serenity Beaches, Tonga



















When I went to Tonga a couple of years ago, I didn’t realize that my services were in demand there! As soon as I told someone what I did, they wanted a healing! So much so that I had to turn some down. I was still exhausted from my post graduate studies and this was a treat to myself! I needed to relax and recoup!

Little did I know that I would facilitate many healings from island to island. And I definitely didn’t know that the healings would be nothing short of miraculous.

I soon realized that in Tonga things manifests very quickly. I would have a thought, a need and the next moment it will just happen. In a more fantastical way I could ever imagine. I started to hear that other travelers/ vacationers and expats were talking about it as well.


I have many healing stories from my time in Tonga, but one stands out. It was my last day at Serenity Beaches Resort (where this Retreat will be). I had an inspired and interesting stay and made not only a new friend in Pattie (the barefoot owner) but with some of her staff as well.

On this particular day, I wondered around the grounds to enjoy my last day of inspired serenity and to see if I could find S to bring me a fresh coconut before I would leave. He promised me one since the day before. I walked past one of the fales and saw S sitting on the verandah of the fale, broom in hand. He didn’t have his usual smile and wave and I sensed that something was wrong with him. I walked over and asked what was wrong. He said his shoulder was hurting badly and that he couldn't even lift or move his shoulder to sweep the floor. I asked to have a look and saw a big blue/black bruise around the area of his heart.

I started to inquire about his day. He said that he was very sad and that he missed his daughter very much. He was longing to see her and his heart was aching because he couldn’t be with her. (Family is extremely important to Tongans) He could see the other island where she was, but couldn’t get there and that made his pain worse. So close, but so far. Pattie couldn’t spare the boat for the day, so there was no way for him to get to the other island.

I wondered if his emotional pain manifested physically as the blue bruise over his heart. After all, we carry our emotions in our hearts and our mind and bodies are connected. I contemplated which heart-centered mind-body-energy psychology technique I could use in a casual but effective way. I needed to catch the boat back soon! Emotional Release Technique jumped to mind! I thought why not, give it a try, it sure worked wonders during my research for my dissertation.

I asked him how he felt when he thought about not seeing his daughter. He sunk even deeper into his chair and simultaneously grasped his chest and gasped "Too very sad".

I then asked him what color the sadness was. It was red. I asked if he could keep his hand on his heart and saw how red his heart was. Yes, he saw it! I asked if he wanted the red sadness in his heart. Nope, he didn’t. I said: "Let's ask God to help (Tongans are very religious) you release that red color from your heart, into your hand and up to the heavens." All he needed to do was to watch the color red move from his heart to his hand and then up and away for 2 minutes. I thought this would be a bit of a stretch as S had a very short attention span.

We sat together on the verandah, he with his eyes closed in deep concentration and me smiling at this beautiful moment on a South Pacific island. After (I think) about 60 seconds, he said with a big smile as his hand flew from his chest, "Ok, it's gone!"

He startled me from my blissful Zen state. I still wanted to do a "reality check test", but he was already up sweeping the floor! If that was not an immediate reality check!!, I don't know what is!

I left with a "See you later!" and started to walk through the palm trees towards my fale. Suddenly he came up running behind me with a "Hi, Mari! Do you want a coconut?" He never offered before! Yes! Please! In a nanosecond, he climbed the palm tree to the top (no rope involved) and without a machete, he broke off two big coconuts with a huge smile!
Remember a few minutes ago, he couldn’t lift a broom because his shoulder was aching so badly. Now, he climbed a palm tree and broke off not one, but two coconuts at record speed!

He came down even faster and as he landed he said: "Thank you so much, Mari, I have no pain in my shoulder. Look the blue is gone!! But I have a toothache!"

I smiled with deep gratitude at this beautiful moment with my two coconuts in my hands.
I gave him a Tylenol for his toothache because by now I was going to miss my boat and my flight!

I love the beauty of grassroots healing!! So pure, so beautiful!

No wonder that I am going back in November to give my very own retreat in this miraculous place.

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