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The Venue…

The Kingdom of Tonga - in the South Pacific - evokes images of untamed

natural beauty, waving palm trees, colorful sunsets, stretches of empty

island beaches, jolting blue oceans, and untouched sea life.

It is a hot-spot for beautiful, natural encounters with whales in the wild.

One of Tonga's most endearing qualities is her generous, kind and exotic
people.  You will not only delight in the unbound natural beauty, but in the

happy Pacific culture as well.


We will be spending seven awe-inspiring nights at Serenity Beaches, a peaceful private eco-resort on the remote and mostly uninhabited island of Uoleva, in the Ha'apai Island Group.  


Uoleva was once listed by National Geographic as one of the top 10 island beach destinations in the world to enjoy the unbridled nature of the vivid sea, sand and stars. You will be enamored with its exotic beauty.


Unlike many other island destinations, at Serenity Beaches, there is easy access to the crystal clear ocean.


You can walk from the beach and dive into the warm clear water to discover a breathtaking world of delightful sea creatures. A rainbow of color from the countless fish to colorful, well-preserved coral gardens will greet you.


If you are lucky, you might even say hello to a sea turtle, dolphins, stingrays or even have a whale encounter. You will have world-class snorkeling at your doorstep!


With its vivid turquoise water, untouched soft sand, shell-filled beaches, coral reefs, and lush vegetation, Serenity Beaches is a place out of time, far from the distractions and the pace of the 21st century. Here you want to connect to the wild and the magical, you want to reconnect with nature and yourself, your true essence.


The buildings, including the bungalows (fales), are beautifully furnished with Indonesian hardwood and the designs blends Balinese and traditional Tongan culture. This is a personal space, not a stranger's place. You will meet Patti (the barefoot, untamed owner) and her team who have build (at the age of 67!) a place of peace and safety. It is created with love, hard work and a genuine desire to establish a place that is a treasure to all who get to visit it. 

Serenity Beaches is staffed by friendly islanders and from the moment you arrived by boat to this special little island, you will experience the warmth of Pattie and the Tongan people.


Tonga is a magical place, where miracles happen.

Miraculous, magnetic Tonga will become part of you.

                          You are a traveler now. You have expanded your boundaries

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